3 Compelling Reasons for Why Mediation is a Fantastic Option for Gray Divorce


3 Compelling Reasons for Why Mediation is a Fantastic Option for Gray Divorce


While the overall divorce rate in the U.S. seems to have leveled off in recent years, the numbers continue to increase in the category of “gray divorce.”

In fact, information culled from the National Center for Health Statistics and the U.S. Census Bureau confirms the divorce rate among adults 50 and up have more than doubled in recent years.

Though the reasons for divorcing will vary from couple to couple, there are compelling reasons why divorce mediation in San Diego is the preferred method for many older couples.

In this issue, the San Diego family law attorneys with the Men’s Legal Center will talk more about why divorce mediation makes sense for those seeking a gray divorce.

Why Mediation Makes Sense for a Gray Divorce

The term gray divorce is used for spouses or partners in their 50s who are in the Baby Boomer Generation. While divorce mediation is a popular choice for many couples seeking to go their separate ways, its benefits are especially attractive for older persons.

  1. It makes more financial sense. Many older adults are either already out of the workforce or soon will be. Because it can take years to recover financially from a protracted divorce process, the collaborative nature made possible through divorce meditation means that any differences are far more likely to be settled during negotiation rather than by a judge. By this measure alone, divorce mediation simply makes more economic sense.
  2. Your divorce will be over much quicker. The soonest you can be divorced in California is six months. However, it can often take far longer than that to finalize things – and that’s IF everything stays on schedule. While a litigated divorce takes an average of two or three years to complete, your divorce mediation can mean you’re finished in about six months.
  3. Much of the stress is removed. Regardless of the reasons for your divorce, the goal of mediation is for both parties to communicate while working toward a negotiated ending of the marriage or partnership. While you can have your divorce lawyer with you during the mediation process, the mediation sessions include a neutral mediator whose primary goal is to guide the negotiation to an ending agreeable to both parties.

To Find Out More About Divorce Mediation in San Diego, Call the Men’s Legal Center.

We’re huge fans of divorce mediation, but even bigger fans of people finding the easiest way to happiness and making sure you find your voice in mediation.

For decades, the Men’s Legal Center has worked tirelessly to become the legal counsel of choice for those seeking to go their own way. In addition to shouldering the load during this often stressful time, we commit to making sure you’re legally protected in every way.

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