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Many of the California laws that exist place the best interests of any children that are involved with a particular situation as the top priority and governing principle for courts to follow.  One of the areas of law where the child’s best interests is of paramount importance concerns guardianships, as these situations often involve children who are enduring extremely difficult problems.  If you are facing the possibility of a guardianship issue, you need to seek the help of San Diego men’s rights attorneys as soon as possible.  Below is a brief introduction to this issue.

What Is Guardianship?

Guardianship is a legal situation whereby a court in California awards legal custody of a child or children to someone who is not one of the biological parents.  The biggest difference that exists between guardianship and adoption is that the child’s biological parents can still be liable for child support when they are able to contribute in this manner.  Even when they are not able to pay child support, a legal guardian can still seek financial assistance through several different agencies.

Otherwise, when someone is named as a legal guardian of a child, that person will be responsible for the rest of the responsibilities that would be bestowed upon a parent in the eyes of California law.  The guardian lives with the child and makes all of the decisions regarding the child’s education and health care and will be responsible for making sure that any other needs of the child are properly handled.

Why Are Guardians Appointed?

A guardian is typically appointed by the court when the biological parents are unable to properly care for a child.  Examples of ways in which a biological parent would be deemed unfit to meet the needs of the child include terminal illness, death, situations of abuse or other situations that could include substance abuse or other considerations that create a difficult situation for the child.

There are examples of guardianships where the child may have been living with other relatives or friends, or the child may be in foster care because the state has removed a child from the care of his or her biological parents based on dangers to the welfare of that child.  A guardian can be appointed after he or she makes a motion to the court to be named as such.

How San Diego Men’s Rights Lawyers Can Help

If you know of a child who needs your help and you would like to be named the legal guardian of that child to give that child a better chance of living a happy and healthy life, you need to seek the help of San Diego men’s rights lawyers who have helped resolve countless family law problems.  Contact the Men’s Legal Center today to schedule an initial consultation.

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