Number of Single Dads Leading Households in the United States Rising


Number of Single Dads Leading Households in the United States Rising

For decades, it was basically assumed that when a divorce was filed and parents contested the issue of child custody, that the mother would wind up with primary custody of the children.  While statistical analyses vary somewhat in terms of the number of fathers who are awarded primary custody, the general consensus is that at least 80 percent of contested child custody issues have been decided in favor of the mother.

While the mother still generally has an advantage in these types of cases, there is mounting evidence that the results of these decisions are beginning to change.  The 2010 United States Census among other statistical studies have provided us with several pieces of information that tend to bode well for fathers of children who want to fight for primary custody of their children.

For instance, single fathers now account for eight percent of American households that contain children.  That may seem to be a small percentage, but it’s up from just over six percent in 2000 and just over one percent in 1950.  In addition, some states have passed laws that require a presumption of joint custody when a divorce case is filed, and others have passed softer laws that deal with this issue.  As a result, the number of mothers who were awarded sole custody of children in Oregon dropped from 68 percent to 51 percent during the first five years that the law was in effect.

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What this all means is that, albeit slowly, the results of child custody battles are changing and moving towards more of an equal footing for the parents of the children.  Therefore, fathers who face the end of their marriage should not simply assume that they have no chance to win custody of their children.  Instead, they should seek more information about their legal rights as they pertain to their situations.

If you face this struggle ahead, you need to act immediately to build as strong a case as possible.  Contact the San Diego fathers’ rights lawyers at the Men’s Legal Center today to schedule an initial consultation.

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