Jay Mohr Files For Divorce; Demands Sole Custody of Son


Jay Mohr Files For Divorce; Demands Sole Custody of Son

Jay Mohr

Comedic actor Jay Mohr has filed for divorce from his wife of 9 years, Nikki Cox. While the actor cited the oft-used “irreconcilable differences” as reason for the split, he is demanding sole custody of their 5-year-old son.

The Case at a Glance

According to documents, Mohr and his wife had a prenuptial agreement that spelled terms of spousal support.

Mohr is demanding sole physical custody of their son because of Cox’s alleged serious and ongoing drug abuse issues.

In fact, in his petition to the Court, Mohr is demanding mutual drug testing of himself and Cox. Morh’s attorney did not inform Cox of that stipulation, though, for fear that Cox would “harm herself” if her drug use and lifestyle were revealed publicly.

How to Prove a Parent is Unfit

In most cases, a judge will try to determine the best case scenario for the child in determining custody issues.

But if you have reason to believe that your ex should not have any form of custody, there are things you can do to help your cause.

  1. Gather evidence.

While your word may be good, you stand a much better chance of being  successful in your bid for sole custody if you can provide evidence that your ex is unfit. Any records or photographs that provide examples of criminal history, drug use or a pattern of domestic violence can go a long way to proving your case.

  1. Have your ex evaluated by a psychologist.

Such an evaluation can be most revealing as it can give professional insight into the state of mind of your ex.

  1. Present your case.
    As you talk with the judge, it’s a good idea to refrain from bashing your ex. Instead, focus on your preparation to take care of the child. For example, you could demonstrate that you already have an understanding of the child’s schedule, as well as educational and nutritional needs.

Have Custody Concerns? Call The Men’s Legal Center

Child custody decisions can be among the nastiest aspects of a divorce. As a man going through divorce, you definitely need skilled legal representation to protect your rights as a husband and as a father.

Get in touch with us here at The Men’s Legal Center by calling 619-234-3838 or by sending an email.



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