Indicators of Impending Divorce?


Indicators of Impending Divorce?


A recent article in The Huffington Post collected thoughts from divorce attorneys throughout the country about telltale signs that a marriage probably will not last. A few of them are below.

The Silent Treatment

While arguing can be a healthy form of communication in a relationship, stonewalling – the act of turning away from your spouse or partner rather than confronting the issue – is definitely not good.

A good idea is to perhaps merely call a timeout when you start to tune out and then come back to the issue later on.

Very Little in Common

Are we sure that opposites attract? Introverts and extroverts, for example, rarely make for good couples.

Studies have shown that many people desire to be romantically partnered with someone they think is very similar to themselves. In fact, similarity in personality was the most important component to having a happy marriage.

Careers Come First

It’s common for deep-rooted martial problems to occur when the relationship continually takes a back seat to a career. That’s especially true if children are involved, since one spouse will inevitably be forced to handle the majority of the duties that come with parenthood.

Even the healthiest of relationships can crumble over time.

Actual Contempt for the Other

While it’s true that not all couples must see eye-to-eye on everything for a marriage to work, actually treating one another with disdain or contempt means that there is a significant lack of respect. Without respect, a marriage will have little chance of surviving.

Call The Men’s Legal Center if You’re Considering Divorce

There are no guarantees that the factors listed above will indeed lead to divorce. Rather, they are meant to be regarded as warning signs of potential problems.

If you’re facing or thinking of divorce, we urge you to get in touch with us here at The Men’s Legal Center to make sure that you – as a man – are treated fairly in all aspects of the process – including a division of assets, spousal support, child custody, etc.

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