What Happens When "Real Housewives" Get Divorced?


What Happens When “Real Housewives” Get Divorced?

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The judge in the ongoing divorce between The Real Housewives of New York City star Jules Wainstein and her husband, Michael Wainstein, may be the ultimate decision maker about who gets to stay in the couples’ home.

The Case at a Glance

During an August 3 appearance on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, Jules confirmed to host Andy Cohen that she and her husband were in the midst of divorcing.

In addition to confirming that the divorce was on, Jules also stated that the couple was still living together in their Manhattan home.

Reached later for comment, Michael’s lawyer said, “Obviously, it’s not going very well. When it gets to court, the judge may order someone to move out.”

The couple has two children from their eight-year marriage.

Who Divorced Who?

While Jules alluded to Michael’s alleged infidelity as the reason for the split, Michael’s lawyer counters with the allegation that Jules is the one being sued for divorce.

“We sued her for divorce but she has not answered the papers,” he said. “The incorrect allegation of adultery – if true – would have been answered in a countersuit by her.”

Reports of Violence… But From Who?

In June, police were called to the residence by Jules because she felt threatened by him. No arrests were made.

Michael’s lawyer counters with claims that, in the winter of 2012, it was Jules who assaulted her husband. She “brutally and viciously assaulter her diminutive but brave husband,” he said.

How You Can Be The Spouse With The House?

In a previous blog, we shared information about how you can buy out your spouse during a divorce so that you can keep the family home.

The case involving Wainsteins, though, is a bit different as both parties want to remain in their home.

Under California law, you’ll need to file an order with the Court to show cause for why you want to be in possession of the home after the divorce. A common cause accepted is that one spouse or the children have been physically abused by the other spouse.

After the filing, your spouse will be served by the Court and given the chance to respond in writing or in person at the hearing.

The case will not proceed unless the accused spouse has been properly served.

Why a Lawyer’s Help is Essential

The order you file with the Court should contain a declaration explaining exactly why your request for the home should be granted. The orders need to be as comprehensive as possible. That’s why the talents of a skilled divorce lawyer are crucial for the request to be granted by the Court.

The Men’s Legal Center Will Fight for Your Rights!

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