Divorced Diets: Men vs. Women


Divorced Diets: Men vs. Women

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According to a new study from Social Science & Medicine, the diets of divorced men seriously deteriorate after their marriages end. Of course, this is not a firm rule but the trends are interesting.

Divorced Men Health Study at a Glance

For their study, researchers focused on just over 11,500 participants – men and women – in the UK between the ages of 39 – 79-years-old. Health assessments were given from 1993 – 1997 and later from 1998 – 2002. During the health assessments, participants revealed how much they dined on fruits and vegetables.

Over the course of the study, the men who eventually went through a divorce experienced a 25% decline in their fruit and veg intake. They also had less variety in their meals – eating the same stuff over and over.

The kicker? By and large, the diets for the female participants – divorced and married – remained virtually unchanged.

Interestingly, alcohol consumption for the men hardly changed at all after divorce, while divorced women decreased their drinking just a bit.

Why Do Diets of Divorced Men Seem to Nosedive?

According to the lead researcher, generational stereotypes may be coming back to haunt men. “The participants were born in the 1920s and 1960s – an era where food skills and behaviors were highly geared towards women having the primary responsibilities for preparing meals,” said Pablo Monsivais, of the University of Cambridge Centre for Diet and Activity Research.

Advice for Staying Healthy After Divorce
Divorce is many things – chief among them is the opportunity to reinvent yourself. While it may be common for men to, ahem, let themselves go following a divorce, there’s no reason to stay in that rut.

When you’ve had enough of existing on pizza and Netflix, below are a few tips for getting into a better – and healthier – routine.

  • Exercise.
    Even if it’s a simple walk around the block, regular exercise can boost your brain’s ability to release endorphins – those natural, mental feel-good chemicals.
  • Vary your meals.
    Divorce can easily cause depression, which can lead to binge eating on all the wrong things. Make sure you opt for a side of vegetables rather than fries.
  • Don’t skimp on sleep.
    Sleep deprivation can be a common thing. To counter this, make sure you get at least a few hours of sleep every night.

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