Divorce Rates Lower for Same-Sex Couples?


Divorce Rates Lower for Same-Sex Couples?

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Research has good news for same-sex couples. According to data, same-sex couples who marry divorce at a slightly lower rate than their heterosexual peers.

The Study at a Glance

The research was carried out by The Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Law and Public Policy, and focused on divorced rates of LGBT couples in New Hampshire and Vermont.

The study showed that same-sex couples divorce at an average rate of 1.1% annually between the two states. That’s compared to a 2% annual divorce rate between heterosexual couples in the same area.

As to why the divorce rate is lower, one researcher said, “Most of these couples had been waiting years for the opportunity to marry, so their relationships have been tested by time (before marrying).”

Female Same-Sex Couples Also More Likely to Marry

Another interesting point from the study was the fact that female same-sex couples were more likely to marry or commit to a civil union or domestic partnership.

For this bit of data, researchers looked at data from 10 states: Connecticut, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Hawaii, Oregon and Rhode Island.

In fact, from those 10 states, 64% of all same-sex couples who were in a legally recognized relationship were female whole 36% were male.

Considering Divorce? Call The Men’s Legal Center

We’re thrilled to read the news that more couples are staying together. However, if the time comes for you and your partner to go your separate ways, get in touch with The Men’s Legal Center so that you can have access to expert advice and service.

Procedures for same-sex divorce differ from state to state, so it’s critical to have someone on your side who knows the process.

For example, here in California, as long as one of you has been a resident for at least 6 months before filing for divorce, your case can proceed.

For non-residents of California, your case can proceed if you were married here, and neither you nor you partner or spouse live in an area that will legally dissolve the relationship.

Call The Men’s Legal Center at (619) 736-8010 or send an email.

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